Dev Log: New Character, Pick-ups and Chests

Another month, another quick video update. Lots of bits and pieces this month, with the most visual being the new character design, from Paul Large.


Direct Link

Dev Log: More Fishing

I’ve been busy this month. Firstly, I’ve agreed to work a couple of days a week for a start-up in Cambridge (outside of games), so now I have some income.

The build has also taken some good steps forward. Phil (Dopedemand) is back, providing music for the game, which is fantastic. You can hear some of his work in the video below.

And the fishing system is basically done. Lots of little things in this, but it feels good and I’m going to have some fun with it!

Check out the Video Log to see how I’m getting on:

Dev Log: Build Update

Woo, I’ve been on holiday! And done some stuff! And now I’m off to Finland to give some lectures on game design…

So here’s a quick run-down of the bits and pieces I’ve been doing in-between all that…

Don’t forget, you can watch me streaming development most weekday mornings (GMT) on Twitch.

Dev Log - Fishing

Time for another dev log, this time I’m doing a high level overview of what was involved in the basics of the fishing action.

Here’s a Direct Link for those that prefer.

It’s still a bit rough and ready, but I did spend some time to do a proper title. Small improvements ;D

Dev Log - Player Character Actions

Here’s the first video Dev Log, where I discuss some of the Player Character Actions, and the systems I have to build under them.

Or a Direct Link if you prefer.

This is still very rough and ready. Rather than spend a couple of days doing fancy titles, sexy wipes, and capturing loads of video I just want to get something up, to get the ball rolling. I’ll slowly work to improve the overall quality as I do more videos.

Don’t forget, you can always join me on Twitch.